Friday, July 24, 2009

grandbaby update

Wow. Such a difference this week from last. The boys are doing pretty darn good. I do worry so for Noah. But as Tracie and Jeanie both said, we just need to give them lots of love. Noah this week was talking up a storm and he's more of his old self. He still talks about Denise quite often and keeps mentioning our old house (we recently moved). It's all about adjusting.

I'm very proud of Nathan. He's doing really well with the children and doing his best now to be independent and handle most things on his own. That's good and the babies need that.

You go, Nate! You're a great dad:o)


Tammy said...

I'm glad Noah seems to be doing better. Just keep hugging him, Peggy.

Tracie said...

I read the following and thought of you. It was written by a mother who lost her daughter:

Some days nothing seems to matter anymore. Some moments we catch a glimpse of hope that we will once again be okay. Never whole, never fully healed, never again the same, but okay. Someday.

Tracie xx

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