Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood Massacre and homicide grief

I have not blogged on this blog in quite some time. A lot has been going on in our world.

I just finished watching CNN's coverage of the Fort Hood Memorial Service for the 13 fallen soldiers who died right here in the USA.

So, many families devastated. So much pain on display. It was truly overwhelming and heartbreaking. I wish so much that there was some way I could help these families. I know soldiers die but they are not usually murdered by one of their own. These troops were murdered. Plain and simple.

These families may have been at different times preparing themselves for the worst with thoughts they may lose a loved one in friendly fire or on foreign soil. But no one is ever prepared to have a loved one cruelly murdered. It's an invasion. It can destroy ones faith. Their worlds now (the families and friends) are turned upside down. Little do they know the pain is just beginning. Little do they know the battle has just begun. The battle against evil invading and ruining and devastating their worlds.

Dear God, grant these families peace, hope and love. I realize it won't be accomplished immediately that the peace, hope and love will have to be battled for. It's war on a different level.

God bless them. They are not alone in their pain. There are many of us out here fighting for peace, hope and love in our families. It can be achieved and it will be found again. If not then the evil wins out. And we cannot let the evil win.

It's been almost two years now since Denise was murdered. I still ache everyday. I still struggle with my faith because, sadly, yes it's still in tatters but it is still there. Meager though it is. Watching the memorial service brought so much of it back to me.

It brings little comfort not being alone in homicide grief. If we're not alone, that means others are enduring the same devastation and pain. And who would wish that on anybody. The only comfort it brings is knowing that there are people out there that understand the anger and pain. It helps knowing that we are not insane. We are sane people living in insane circumstances. We're good people living in the midst of evil. If we become too angry, again, the evil will seep in.

It's what keeps me battling. Not letting the evil win.

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