Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coral Rose Fullwood and homicide grief

Poor sweet innocent baby.

I feel as if I'm becoming numb to it all. Not desensitized but numb. My mind can't wrap itself around some of the things we are learning.

We've learned the her daddy watched child porn with one of her alleged murderers at the daddy's work.

Huh? He watched children being RAPED at work with the alleged murderer.


Who are these people? And what is happening?

Coralrose lived in the same small town not far from where Denise and Nate were living when Denise was taken. At one time they thought the cases might be linked. People even speculated that because Denise was tiny and petite and was mistaken for a child by a witness, that possibly Michael King had something to do with Coralrose's murder.

Coralrose was taken from her home in the middle of the night. She was later found beaten, raped and strangled in a ditch not far from her house. The police confiscated 10 (ten) computers from the home and Mr Fullwood admitted having child porn on them. Huh? Who needs 10 computers in your home?

Who watches child porn and children being raped? Who are these people and how can we get rid of them?

And the poor mom and the poor siblings....... God bless them with much strength and courage to get through all this. I can't imagine their PAIN!

This makes me so angry. I'm just angry. Angry for Denise. Angry for Coralrose. Angry for Jessica Lunsford. Angry for little Haleigh Cummings. Angry for Caylee Anthony. Just ANGRY!

Has the world always been this way? Have little children always been preyed upon?

I'm so disgusted. These people that do this are scum. I mean scum.

You have to understand that there's a lot of rage in homicide grief. Lots of rage. When we first lost Denise I couldn't read these stories. I had enough rage in me that I didn't need anymore. Now that I'm farther along in my grief, I'm starting to not be so oblivious. I'm starting to read more about others. For the longest time I couldn't let in anymore pain.

I feel so angry right now that I'm not sure I can read about Coralrose any more.

I met a friend (I consider him a friend) in Wal-Mart today. He lost his daughter to his ex son-in-law. The ex son-in-law shot her. Then he shot his and her two babies. A whole family wiped out! Just wiped out!

I think of my anger and then I look at this man and I think "how does he bear it?????" How does he contain that anger? Lloyd, if you read this, I do hope you start blogging. I am more than willing to read what you have to say. There is so much I can learn from you and your family. {{{Love and peace, brother}}}

I gotta stop writing. I'm becoming agitated.

Through all this my heart just breaks. It breaks everyday. Everyday, every hour and every minute.

Please God, help make this senseless madness that is going on in the world now stop.

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