Friday, March 13, 2009

My thoughts about Nancy Grace and the Haleigh Cummings family

As I said before in a previous post I never watched much of Nancy Grace. I always found her abrasive. But the more and more I watch her and listen to her (truly listen) I'm thinking I like her. I like her very much. I've been getting small doses of her and now I'm onto bigger doses. Last night I watched her entire show. I think I may even watch her tonight.

What changed my mind about Nancy Grace? One glaring thing that I just happened to see. Amidst all the hoopla over Ronald Cummings marriage to Misty Croslin yesterday people were calling in to her show with disgust in their voices. They couldn't understand how he could get married while his daughter is missing and fly off to New York on a honeymoon.

Well, it seemed to me Ms Grace did an excellent job of refraining to comment her thoughts. Yes, it seems very distasteful and wrong minded. But, like Ms Grace I hesitate to judge until I know for a fact that Misty Croslin Cummings and/or Ronald Cummings had anything to do with the disappearance of little Haleigh.

Why? Well, it's simple really. Desperate people do desperate things. And having a child missing and possibly/probably murdered is about as desperate as you can imagine. Things don't get more desperate than that. Lots of things fly around your mind. Lots of anger is thrown around. Emotions are at the highest level possible.

I could almost feel Ms Grace's distaste just as I have a bad taste in my mouth over the whole thing. But, I'm not going to judge until I know the facts.

And right now it's just a lot of crap going around with a little girl likely dead. I hope not but it is what it is.

And here I may get into a bit of trouble because I'm going to mention my son's grief. I love my son more than anything in the world. I support him and I have faith in him. Is he himself? His old self? NO! And he's made some mistakes since Denise died. He's still making mistakes. But that is simply my opinion. I just don't think he's himself. His judgement seems to be way off and out of kilter. But you know what? I've done the same thing. I posted yesterday about how I've become abrasive and I've been making errors in judgement. A lot of it's anger. A lot of it's grief. And a lot of it is because with what we're going through there are no set rules or precedents.

It is what it is. My husband has made mistakes. But it's all a matter of opinion. And the bottom line is we're doing out best to rise above the situation and go on. We're doing our best to stay strong. We're doing our best to try and bring about some good out of a senseless tragedy.

So, I'm going to give Mr Cummings the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to hope and pray that this marriage is his way of bringing about a positive in the face of senseless tragedy. I hope and pray I'm correct. I'm hoping the trip to New York was a gesture to bring about national attention to his missing child. It's not easy putting your pain on display. I know that from watching Nathan. So, maybe Mr Cummings has his reasons.

If we ever hear otherwise and that he or his new wife brought harm to Haleigh..... well.... then IMO they can be strung up on the nearest tree. But it'll need to be proved first.

Just my opinion as always

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Carmen said...

I used to enjoy Nancy Grace's show and mostly because, like me, she advocates safety and happiness for children. However, of late I am disturbed by Ms. Grace's attacks at Hayleigh's mother's lawyer, Kim Picazo, Esq. In my mind Ms. Picazo's professionalism shines a light on Nancy Grace's unprofessionalism. Further, I can't help but think that Nancy Grace is performing for the camera. I sent the following note to her in protest of her behavior, particulary her tantrums. Here is the e-mail in its entirety:

"O.K., Nancy, to me you no longer make sense regarding the Hayleigh Cummings tragic story. From my point of view, the mother is a victim of an obvious abuser. From the start Ronald Sr. has acted badly. He presents himself to the world by being disrespectful toward the 911 operator whose job it is to help him. Subsequently, he threatens to kill the person who committed the act. How do such threats help in terms of getting his child back? I say, shut up and answer the question, dude. Further, I think it is controlling behavior to wed a 17-year whose mother had refused to allow them to get married up until this tragedy occurred. Talk about manipulation, not to mention inappropriate and suspicious behavior! I maintain another tragedy occurred to another ‘child’ the day of the nuptials. Fortunately, as you have noted, in the state of Florida, spousal protection does not apply to litigation applicable to children.
As a survivor of horrific domestic violence, which I lived through and was able to get away from along with my three children, I know firsthand how abusers convince others with their charm and feigned concern for the welfare of their children; meanwhile they hurt the child by harming the other parent. I don’t think it is just bad manners that Ronald Sr. married a 17-year old a few weeks after his child disappeared. I think it speaks to a bigger issue. Perhaps he can’t control a ‘real’ woman?
Meanwhile he states that he is the better parent despite the fact that his child disappeared on his watch. This, by definition, is impossible. I’m not blaming him for the disappearance of his ‘heart’ because I don’t know what happened, but I do wonder if he has enemies, or whether he hangs out with creepy people. I think it is not only plausible but also probable that he has brought something bad into his children’s home. Why blame the mother and disregard obvious abuse by a foul mouth manipulator?
I wish you would be more objective, and fear that you are suffering from stress. By the way, I am the mother of a pair of identical twin boys as well as a girl. I am blessed with priceless matching bookends and a precious book! They are 19, 19, and 17 now. My children saved my life, spiritually speaking. I always concentrate on what is best for the child and ignore the adults, an act that has served me well. Love your babies and forget the world when you are with them. I know you and your beautiful children will be fine because they are so much loved. Peace and happiness all ways. Carm"