Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haleigh Cummings, Misty Croslin Cummings and Ronald Cummings

I'm sorry. It just boggles my mind that Misty Croslin and Ronald Cummings have only known each other 6 months.

Okay, let me try to work this out in my mind.

First, I guess it's a good thing that Ronald has only known Misty 6 months otherwise she may have been only 16 when they met? Huh? I know. What 24 year old healthy man needs to look toward a young teenager? But who am I too judge.

Second, when I was 17 I fell madly in love with a 21 year old. So, on Misty's part, I can see it happening. The 21 year old I fell in love with fell even more madly in love with me than I did with him. So, on Ronald's part, I can see it happening. But even at the age of 17 I came to realize that it was simply unhealthy for me as a 17 year old to be involved with a 21 year old. But that was me.

So, to expand on those thoughts, I can buy the romance. Can I buy the "forever" part? No. But, who knows?

Three, can I imagine little Haleigh desperately wanting a new mommy and a normal home with a mommy and a daddy in a fairy tale like romance? Sure. What little Haleigh experienced with her true mommy and daddy was obviously less than ideal and ANYTHING would've been better than the rancor, hate, and animosity she witnessed between her true parents. So, if her daddy was "in love" and Misty was at all maternal, of course, she would've wanted Misty in her life as a mommy. Especially if it brought happiness to the home.

What does all this lead too?

Not murder. Not kidnapping. Just GENUINE all out DYSFUNCTION.

So, what happened? Where's Haleigh?

IMO, it seems we're no closer (as the general public) in figuring out where Haleigh is or what's happened to her. Let us hope and pray the police know a helluva lot more than we do.

To be crude? All we know is her family is more than a tad messed up and was messed up even before all this happened.

Dear God, please, find this little girl. Dear God, if it's at all possible please find her safe. Dear God, please, keep this family strong and help them find the right path. And, Dear God, please help law enforcement ferret out the evil doer or evil doers involved in anything that may have happened to Haleigh and bring him/her/them to justice.


Jeanine said...

She actually was 16 when they met. Apparently he proposed to her on her birthday. I try not to judge, but cannot help it at times. Because she is under age she needed her parent's permission to marry him.
It's just sad..... :(

Anonymous said...

Mistys birthday is in december so get your facts str8