Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's gifts like these that truly help a person through their homicide grief

This gift means so much simply because this friend doesn't question, doesn't probe, doesn't hurry me or my family and she accepts our grief for what it is. That in itself is a gift.

A dear close friend posted this on their blog for me!! Tammy the blog writer and I met after Denise died. What a good friend she's been to me, Nate, the foundation, Mark, the Goffs, all of us. She was the person who took on some serious blogging about Denise in the beginning. And she's the person who encouraged me to blog. I thank her for that and for the gift she posted in her blog tonight. You may know as amomandherblog It's difficult to find words to express the comfort I feel knowing so many people care.

This is what she posted:

Isn't it beautiful!

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Grieving Mother/Therapist, Angie Bennett Prince said...

Peggy, I cannot believe this; just five minutes before seeing this post on your blog, my nephew had sent me a message to go to You Tube to see this song! I cried and cried when I heard it--for my pain, the pain we are going through having lost our child, Merry Katherine. And, I too thought about you as I had read most of your blog last night. May God bless you Peggy in all your pain. My prayers are with you,